Exclusive Fearless Collection: Embrace Boldness with Monica B

Enhance your style and persona with our timeless and sophisticated jewellery.
Immerse yourself into a world where you are the best version of yourself and can express yourself as such, without any ifs and buts, just a ball of fearlessness and style. Looking through a mirror, do you see a confident woman staring back at you? What does she look like? Is she bold and beautiful? Is she golden? Is she adaptable as well as commanding? Is she as soft as she is hard?
Jewellery is an art of self-expression. Without fear, one should always be free to explore and express their different emotions and personalities.
Being an advocate of such timeless elegance we have come up with yet another collection of beautiful pieces! Whether you choose to feel or look elegant or craving an energy boost, we hope you feel confident with style and glamour with this new collection of Monica B.'s exquisite jewellery.
The new Fearless Collection is characterised by structural curves and geometric shapes to elevate your persona. It is inspired by culture and nature, representing the fearless instincts of a woman. Each piece of jewellery has been expertly hand crafted to reflect timeless quality and beauty. Let's go through some of the finest collections of earrings.


Handmade with precision to stand the test of time, these earrings add an effortless elegance to any ensemble.


The floral embossed pattern adds a beautiful finish and a touch of uniqueness to the earrings along with the flexible nature of the earrings.


The handmade construction, combined with a unique hammered finish, adds a touch of elegance to these extra-large earrings.


 Handcrafted and 18k gold plated for an elegant shine, the attractive circular shape of these earrings are sure to turn heads.



These hand-made earrings add a polished, timeless yet modern. They will be a versatile addition to any look.