When envisioning the Monica. B woman who wears the pieces from this collection, we see a bold and confident individual. She understands that wearing jewellery is more than just an accessory; it is a form of self-expression and an art in itself.

Most of the pieces in this collection are chunky and prominent. The necklaces, in particular, are intended to be worn solo, but don't be afraid to experiment with layering them for a unique look.

Meet the new pieces:

Chunky God's Eye Earrings: she's the epitome of cool.

Chunky Belt Snake Chain Necklace: she's outgoing and energetic and loves a good vibe.

Daisy Necklace: she's ready to be your bestie, she's fun and likes a good chit chat

Flower Pendant Cord Necklace: she's THAT girl and she knows it. An unbothered queen.

Irregular Acrylic Resin Chunky Bangles: she's a sun, sand and cocktails by the beach chaser.

Rectangle Earring With Stones: she's a sophisticated queen, she's a boss. She like a good wine bar, loves her skincare routine...and unexpectedly the life of the party.

With each piece, we prioritised both quality and style. Our goal is for you to feel elevated and chic whenever you wear Monica. B, no matter the occasion. We believe that jewellery should enhance your confidence and reflect your personal style.

We hope that you will love these pieces as much as we do. Explore our collection and find the perfect jewelry to express your unique personality and style.

Banke xo